Enhance Your Guest's Experience
Enhance Your Guest's Experience
  • Ticketless – Gain entry with a credit card, cell number, or driver’s license
  • Advanced Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) – Via License Plate Recognition (LPR) and RFID technology
  • Smart Phone Access – Entry via iBeacon technology; use smartphones as a pay station; and seamless e-parking reservation with FlashPARCS and third party apps
  • The Connected Car– Smart Vehicles will connect with our Smart Stations to gain access
Increase Your Bottom Line
Increase Your Bottom Line
  • On-Demand Based Pricing – Just like the airlines, we can adjust rates based on occupancy
  • Switch Calculated Rates – With just a click from anywhere
  • Monitor Revenue & Business Activity – Via a mobile app, all in real-time
  • Electronic Validations – No need for ticket chasers, validate from any browser
  • Offer Loyalty & Rewards – Keep customers coming back
Powerful, Easy To Maintain & Affordable
Powerful, Easy To Maintain & Affordable
  • Not Just the Cloud, the Smart Cloud – FlashPARCS employs the power of Windows Azure
  • Operate Stress-Free – Expert technical team manages backend, so you can focus on managing your business
  • Affordable Software as a Service (SaaS) – Transparent pricing with monthly fee options for parking facilities of all sizes and all venue types

Next Generation in Parking

FlashPARCS is a parking access revenue control system — all managed from the cloud.  Designed as an all-in-one parking management system, FlashPARCS’ Smart Station integrates entry, exit, and pay-on-foot devices into a single unit, and gains its intelligence from our Smart Cloud platform. This means less time supporting and maintaining hardware and software, and more time to manage your parking business and connect with customers in real time—from anywhere.

Park in the Cloud

FlashPARCS cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) system provides real-time access to all revenue data from any browser, from anywhere, while eliminating costly and hard to maintain on-premise infrastructure, such as firewalls and servers. Learn More

What’s the Cloud?

Cloud computing means storing and accessing data and software over the Internet instead of using your server’s hard drive. The cloud enables data and software to be accessed from anywhere and at any time.

What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?

Typically, traditional PARC systems require you to purchase and install proprietary software onto your on-site server. In comparison, FlashPARCS’ Software as a Service (SaaS) model hosts and manages customized software all from the cloud. It is made available to customers over the Internet for a monthly fee, like Quickbooks online or SalesForce.com.

Smart Cloud vs. Cloud Lite

Some providers would like you to believe that you’re running your business in “the cloud,” but what they commonly market as “the cloud” is usually nothing more than a copy of the info from your on-site server that’s “parked” it in the cloud. We call this “Cloud Lite.”

FlashPARCS’ employs the power of Windows Azure, a flexible cloud platform that accesses a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. FlashPARCS’ Smart Cloud not only allows for dynamic, intelligent, real-time access to your data, but also provides network redundancies, disaster recovery, high availability, and scalability for your business.

Power of Real-Time Software

FlashPARCS’ Smart Stations have the power of a full blown computer, but the intelligence comes from our software. As we like to say, FlashPARCS’ Smart Station is the beauty, while our Smart Cloud SaaS infrastructure is the brains. Using a centralized, dynamic command center (like the one seen in Flash Valet), you can remotely control your operations with a few clicks of a button. Control revenue reporting, demand-based pricing, loyalties and rewards, a live attendant for customer assistance, and more.

The Cloud + SaaS = Cost Savings

Eliminate costly on-site infrastructure that’s hard to maintain with FlashPARCS’ Smart Cloud-based, SaaS model. By housing and managing hardware and software off-site, the Smart Cloud limits the need for tech support. Let our expert technical staff troubleshoot issues in real-time so you can operate and market your parking facilities worry-free.


Streamlined Design & Customer Experience

Minimize complicated, costly hardware. FlashPARCS’ Smart Station combines the jobs of entry, exit, and pay-on-foot into a single device, so it is easier to maintain. The simple, intuitive design creates a better overall experience for you and your customers. Learn More

One Solution for All Venue Types

FlashPARCS’ Smart Cloud-powered Smart Station brings together your essential components into a single solution. The Smart Station is designed to give your customers the best parking experience possible, while also meeting the demands of your parking facility. FlashPARCS’ streamlined, fully integrated solution offers benefits for all situations:

  • No matter your configuration—hospital, hotel, retail, event venues, or all other venue type – the Smart Station will accommodate your needs
  • Customers have the option to enter and exit using only their Credit Card or Driver’s License, instead of difficult magnetic stripe tickets, thus providing you with a ticketless parking system.
  • Customers can opt to use the touchscreen and press a button to get an encrypted barcoded ticket, replacing easily demagnetized magnetic stripe cardstock tickets that often jam in traditional ticket spitters, pay on foot, and exit stations.
  • Customers may use the Smart Station’s Barcode Scanner to scan pre-purchased parking via electronic parking reservation systems such as Parkwhiz.
  • Hotel guests gain entry to the parking facilities using their room key in a variety of formats, including magnetic stripe and RFID keys, via an RFID Reader.
  • Validate and/or comp parking fees from any browser, mobile phone or by text message
  • For venues that require a cashier, our tablet/validation cashiering station provides all of the benefits of a POS.
  • If parking guest is in need of help, they can push the attendant button, and a parking garage operator will be able to connect with the guest via a camera and weather proof audio.
  • Another added value for venues with valet parking is that our sister product Flash Valet integrates seamlessly with FlashPARCS for a complete hospitality cloud-based parking solution.

Fully Integrated and Rugged Hardware

When we first envisioned FlashPARCS our goal was to streamline the user experience for both operators and customers. And we were able to accomplish this by combining entry, exit, and pay-on-foot device hardware by doing away with proprietary hardware and giving you and your guests an all-in-one device. But don’t let the sleek interface fool you; our Smart Station utilizes military-grade components, while also being air-and dust-tight, shock-proof, and is resistant to a wide range of temperature and humidity ranges.


Secure at Every Step

Security is also a major component of our FlashPARCS solution; providing you and your customers the safest and most secure payment environment is one of our top priorities. That’s the reason credit card payment transactions for entering and/or exiting your parking facility uses encryption at the head of the credit card reader. This means the moment the credit card is swiped, the financial data is encrypted and uploaded to a PCI/DSS payment gateway. Sensitive information is never housed in the machines or on-site at the parking facility.

Intuitive Customer Experience

The guest arrives and is greeted by our Smart Station, and here, the guest can choose to either use their credit card as a ticket or press a button on the screen for a traditional ticket. Upon exit, the system will calculate the parking fee and provide an optional receipt. The system also accommodates monthly parkers who use contactless RFID cards as well as Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) with RFID tags in the vehicle, and the Smart Station integrates that functionality with the rest of its services. Your guests will no longer have to deal with machines eating tickets or credit cards, and the user experience is consolidated into one centralized station.


Simplified Installation & Support

The FlashPARCS’ installation process is simple because of its streamlined Smart Station device and cloud-based functionality. Less hardware to install means you can get your business up and running faster and with lower costs. Additionally, FlashPARCS works with a vast network of certified technicians, minimizing the need for proprietary parking equipment specialists. Learn More

Installation is Easy as 1, 2, 3

Each job starts off with a comprehensive site survey to help determine the best path forward for a successful implementation. FlashPARCS’ cloud-based system eliminates the need for multiple hardware devices, instantly simplifying the installation process. Our vast network of certified technicians provide a complete installation including electricity and Internet connectivity as well as providing Flash PARCS’ Smart Station support (including barrier gates and loops).

Simplified Support

FlashPARCS’ ultimate goal is to simplify support so a non-specialized technician or in some cases even your own personnel can handle replacing parts and or servicing the Smart Station.
FlashPARCS’ integrated and unique Smart Station design utilizes one single piece of hardware giving you the freedom to take advantage of using our certified technicians, or your assigned parking provider staff who will now have the ability to easily access and replace most hardware components.

Universal, Easily Replaceable Components

Fewer moving parts mean less need for onsite maintenance. FlashPARCS’ Smart Station uses an open framework with non-proprietary, universally obtained components, allowing for non-specialized technicians to install and service the device. For example, the Smart Station uses the same type of credit card reader and receipt printer found in over 60 percent of gas station pumps.


Transparent Pricing Model

We take the mystery out of purchasing new parking equipment. The FlashPARCS purchasing process is simple. Our SaaS model helps you better manage your investment with low CAPEX costs, a reasonable monthly pricing, and immediate ROI. Learn More


Connect Remotely & in Real-time

If the streamlined design, easy  installation & simple pricing weren’t enough, you can also remotely manage all of your parking facilities with FlashPARCS’ dynamic command center. From real-time business reports to pushing on-demand pricing, the FlashPARCS’ customer portal was specifically designed to allow you to operate your business and connect with customers from anywhere, anytime. Learn More

Dynamic, Centralized Command Center

FlashPARCS understands that operating a parking facility is complex. But the PARC system you choose doesn’t have to be. FlashPARCS’ Smart Station coupled with its Smart Cloud, SaaS model minimizes the daily headaches of managing proprietary hardware and software on-site. Let our engineers manage your system and our developers deal with updating software, so you can spend time remotely managing all of your facilities and customers from a centralized, dynamic command center.

FP_Dynamic Command Center_v3-01

On-Demand Pricing

The power of FlashPARCS’ real time platform is never more apparent than with on-demand pricing. Similar to the airlines, we can set up logic-based pricing that dynamically changes based upon the number of parking spots currently available in your facility. From on-demand pricing to scheduled rate increases for upcoming events, FlashPARCS’ centralized command center lets you set and manage pricing remotely, while maximizing profit.

Branding at Point of Contact

Greet your customers in style when they arrive at your parking facility. For example, when a guest arrives at a hotel, the FlashPARCS’ Smart Station can display the hotels’ colors and logo, and welcome guests with a customized message for that property or any other relevant information. FlashPARCS’ smart cloud platform provides you with endless options to brand and market your parking facility.

Rewards Program

With a $30B parking industry market, it’s astonishing that only a very small percent of parking facilities offer a loyalty/reward program. Now with FlashPARCS’ SaaS platform, you can set up and manage a loyalty/reward program that works for your parking facilities. FlashPARCS can help you reward your customers’ loyalty and give them a reason to keep coming back and parking with you.

Customized (White Label) E-Parking Reservations for Your Parking Operations

FlashPARCS’ customized e-parking reservation system ensures your customers will always have great parking karma. For operators with parking facility near any size venue, FlashPARCS’ demand-based pricing in combination with its reservation system eliminates hassle and worry for your customers, while monetizing supply and demand.

Customized (White Label) Mobile Solutions

FlashPARCS’ mobile solution offers your customers an easy, mobile-friendly way to:

  • Gain entry & exit to a parking facility using QR and barcodes
  • Find and reserve parking
  • Track and redeem loyalty points
  • Pay by plate and by space in lots

It also allows merchants to:

  • Push electronic validations to customers
  • Target customers with geo-fencing
  • And more…

About Us

KLEVER LOGIC  is reinventing parking for both consumers and parking operators. Based in Austin, TX, KLEVER LOGIC creates parking products that offer customers a more user-friendly experience, while giving operators a powerful platform to better manage and maximize their business. The company began with FLASH VALET, a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (Saas) model that allows consumers to request their car (and the ability to tip and pay) right from their mobile phone, and provides operators the ability to better control their entire operation at a fraction of their cost. FLASH VALET was named one of Entrepreneur magazine’s “100 Brilliant Companies” in 2013. Using the same powerful cloud-based, SaaS model, KLEVER LOGIC’s latest product, FlashPARCS is a ticketless, streamlined, and intelligent parking solution enabling parking operators to manage their parking access and revenue control from anywhere, anytime.

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