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        • AN ENTERPRISE-GRADE PARKING SOLUTION AT A FRACTION OF THE PRICE OF OTHERSFlash Valet manages your company’s parking needs with a comprehensive solution, right in the palm of your hand. You no longer need to invest thousands of dollars in hardware, or spend administrative hours on data entry to reconcile information. Flash Valet gives you everything you need right on your mobile device—all from one vendor. And, since your reports are stored in the cloud, you can download real-time reports for all of your locations from any web browser.


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    VEHICLE TRACKINGTrack every parked vehicle, including arrival time, make & model, amount and method of payment, and departure time. Know exactly when your busiest times are so you can adjust your rates accordingly. Our data will help you streamline your operations and staff according to peak times and slow times.
  • REVENUE CONTROL & PERFORMANCE METRICS REPORTSFollow your parking lot’s activities in real time from any web browser. Eliminate data entry and manual reconciliation with exportable reports, including vehicle tracking, payments, time & attendance, customer satisfaction, and more. Create customized reports that track specific trends, or create reports that integrate with your payroll processor and other systems.
  • HOURLY RATE PRICING CONFIGURATIONManage multiple rate structures automatically (including fixed, hourly, and daily rating) based on duration of stay, special events, or real time supply and demand.
  • TICKET SCANNING & CREDIT CARD SWIPINGAutomate ticket entry by scanning the barcode on the tickets with the Linea Pro. Eliminate bulky credit card machines and accept credit cards at the curb by swiping them with the Linea Pro.